Bible Sharing - St. Thomas Aquinas SCC RUB

Started from a small community of 5 international students, we congregate at the Catholic University Parish in Bochum (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde), We have been meeting regularly on thursday  evenings at 7pm since February 2012 to share our thoughts and reflect on  the gospel readings of the following Sundays in multiple languages to keep it open for German as well as foreign students. Usually we are done about after an hour, sometimes continuing our gathering to talk about unrelated or advanced topics.

Our small group was starting when each of us tried to make her or his faith more relevant in their daily lifes, but figured it out to be really challenging to be done on our own. As we are created for relationship, we came together, shared about our desires and longings and decided to build up a small community to support one another and deepen our faith. Together we are trying to figure out what God is challenging us to do in a personal way as well as in a group.  We will see what is coming up next: we are considering a seminar on faith-related topics in our student community, but have not established our agenda yet.

We are always searching for more fellows and willing to welcome anyone who would like to join in, so don't hesitate to contact us! Feel free to send your email to Maria-Luise (maria-luise.huels(at)